“Recycle Plate”

I attended college in the Rochester, NY area, so while I probably wouldn’t eat one now, I do have a soft spot in my heart for the “Garbage Plate” as a concept. What is a “Garbage Plate,” you ask? Well, it’s a conglomeration backyard BBQ dishes that typically go well together all piled into one giant mound. I would be lying if I said I hadn’t eaten a couple in my younger years, but now, I like to eat a bit discriminately… So, I decided to build my own, healthier version of the iconic dish…but in purely vegetarian style. Therefore, I felt the name should change from “Garbage Plate” to “Recycle Plate!”

All that said, this is a completely customizable meal based on your preference and your ingredient availability. As such, this recipe post will be a little different, in that it will also be a conglomeration of various recipe ideas we’ve made in the past to represent each distinct part of a “Garbage Plate,” so you can mix and match as you like! The asterisks denote what went into our recycle heap.

Time: Variable depending on your components

Veggie Burger/Hot Dog Ideas:

Carb Component Ideas:

Veggie Ideas:

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