Spicy Cilantro Cucumber Salad

Here’s a nice side salad that would go well with BBQ, Mexican, or even Asian flavours (if you tweak the seasonings and vinegar choice). I personally find a lot of back yard BBQ and Mexican entrees to be very heavy, and the sides often build on that richness (potato salad, macaroni salad, baked beans, refried beans, and rice), leaving me uncomfortably stuffed after such meals. If you are in the same boat as me, try making this light, crisp, crunchy, and extremely flavourful veggie side dish! Tonight, we are pairing it with Black and Red Bean Burritos, but it would also go well as a side for Spicy Southwest Black Bean Burgers.

Time: 10-15 Minutes


  • Seedless Cucumber (I used the mini ones because they are so much quicker to dice)
  • Cilantro
  • Jalapeno
  • Lime Zest
  • Oil (Avocado is great if you have it, but Olive will work as well)
  • Vinegar (something lighter like Champagne or white wine vinegar is best so you don’t overpower your other flavours)
  • Seasonings. I’m using ground cumin and paprika this time.


  • Dice your cucumber(s), and place them in a large bowl
  • Dice your jalapeno, and add it to the cucumbers. If you want a lot of heat to come through, leave some of the seeds in with your diced jalapenos. If not, remove seeds before dicing! I highly suggest wearing a surgical or cooking grade PVC glove on your non-knife hand so you don’t accidentally rub your eyes with capsaicin.
  • Slice your cilantro, and add it to the mix.
  • Sprinkle your desired seasonings on top
  • Pour a little oil and vinegar into the bowl, and toss or fold to combine. Start with small amounts of oil and vinegar at first…it is much easier to add more if needed than to subtract if you add too much!
  • Either serve immediately, or place in the fridge to rest (recommended)
  • Plate, devour, and enjoy!


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