Cabbage and White Bean Soup

My wife made this one, so I asked for permission to take pictures as she went and post it if it turned out well. She said yes, and oh boy, did it turn out well! So here we are! Her idea for this soup came from the fact that we had some leftover cabbage and celery from some prior meals, and we still had our haul of Canned Tomatoes sitting on our kitchen counter. She broke out the crockpot, built some incredible flavours by sautéing a few key ingredients, and then letting everything meld together over the course of a few hours in the slow cooker while we went on a bike ride!

Time: 4 Hours


  • Green Cabbage
  • Canned Tomatoes
  • Celery
  • Carrots
  • Yukon Gold Potato
  • Garlic
  • Onion
  • Great Northern/Cannellini Beans (Kidney would work as a substitute)
  • Vegetable Stock


  • Prep all of your veggies:
    • Cut your cabbage into small rectangular pieces
    • Peel and thinly slice your carrots
    • Dice your celery
    • Dice your onion
    • Slice your Garlic
    • Cook your potato(es) for a minute or two in the microwave to begin to soften.
  • Heat some butter in a large pan, and then add your onion, garlic, celery, carrots, and cabbage. Sautee until your cabbage begins to brown, and your celery and carrots soften a bit.
  • Transfer all of your veggies to your crockpot, dice and add your softened potato, and add in your canned tomatoes, beans, and vegetable stock.
  • Cover, turn the heat to low, and cook for 4 hours to let the flavours build.
  • Plate, top with some crackers, devour, and enjoy!

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