Honey Sriracha Shrimp

A few days ago, we got home a little later than usual from a bike ride. Since we were all a little too hungry to wait for our Stir Fry (in this case, Tofu and Snow Peas in Garlic Sauce) to cook, I decided to whip up a quick appetizer to keep the “hangry” away. Since shrimp cooks very quickly, and my family quite fancies the ingredient, I made the choice to sauté some and add a simple yet delightful spice combination to build a little spicy/sweet flavour profile. That’s where Honey and Garlic Sriracha entered the fray!

While we enjoyed our shrimp as an appetizer, it could easily be converted into an entree by adding some lightly steamed broccoli or snow peas to the pan as the shrimp cook and serving that whole thing over rice!

Time: 10 Minutes


  • Shrimp, peeled and deveined
  • Sriracha. We used Garlic Sriracha.
  • Honey
  • Oil. We combined Vegetable Oil with a few splashes of Sesame Oil.


  • Heat some oil in a pan.
  • Add your shrimp, and cook for a few minutes on one side until the color turns to the iconic pinkish orange of shrimp.
  • Flip your shrimp, and pour/scoop your sriracha and honey atop.
  • Continue to cook, stirring occasionally until your sauce thickens and coats your shrimp.
  • Plate, devour, and enjoy!

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