Tofu and Snow Peas in Garlic Sauce

The idea for this stir fry came in my Christmas stocking, where my sister and brother in law gave me a jar of Garlic Sriracha. Feeling that it was the right time to open the container, we gathered some of our favourite stir fry veggies and a block of tofu. We also surmised that if we’re using Garlic Sriracha, we should add some extra garlic (can you ever really have enough garlic?). When all was said and done, we had a delicious meal that was very easy to make.

Since we were too hungry to wait the 25 minutes for this to cook, we enjoyed an appetizer of Honey Sriracha Shrimp.

Time: 25 Minutes


  • Firm or Extra Firm Tofu
  • Water Chestnuts
  • Garlic
  • Carrots (we used Baby Carrots)
  • Snow Peas
  • Soy Sauce
  • Garlic Sriracha
  • 1 Tablespoon Corn Starch
  • 1/4 Cup Water


  • Prep all of your ingredients:
    • Remove your tofu from its container, and wrap it in paper towels to remove excess moisture. Then, work on your other ingredients, and unwrap and cube your tofu last.
    • Remove the ends off your snow peas.
    • Slice your carrots
    • Slice your water chestnuts (or use pre-sliced)
    • Peel and slice your garlic
  • Heat some oil in a wok, and add in all of your ingredients noted in the prior step. Allow to cook, stirring occasionally.
  • When your carrots and peas begin to soften, pour in some soy sauce, and add some garlic Sriracha, and continue to stir.
  • When your ingredients are cooked to your liking, mix your corn starch and water, and stir to fully dissolve. Then, pour it into your wok, and stir as it thickens.
  • When your sauce coats your tofu and veggies, plate, devour, and enjoy!


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