Rösti Cheeseburger Stacks

Today is our last day of cooking in Switzerland, and so while we have a few more recipes from past meals to post, we wanted to feature this one since the meat was from our favourite local butcher in Grindelwald, Switzerland. Seriously, if you ever find yourself here, and you have a kitchen to use, you need to go there. It’s called Hans Boss Metzgerei, and it’s easy to find because it’s just next door to our favourite bakery in town, Ringgenberg (and you have to go there too…their desserts, gipfeli, and breads are out of this world).

This particular burger is made of a seasoned ground lamb patty from the butcher. It is then placed atop a stack of Rösti along with satueed arugula and some toppings we had on hand (fried egg and Grindelwalder Bergkäse from the self-serve refrigerator on the farm up the street from our flat). However, you can use any meat you like, season your patties as your heart desires, and even play around with different toppings. As long as you’ve got the Rösti and the burger patty, you’ll have a good stack and a fun spin on a burger with fries.

Time: 60 Minutes (less if you have access to multiple pans)…But you will want to start the Rösti process a day in advance.


  • For the burger:
    • Ground Meat of your choosing
    • Seasonings for your burger patties. We suggest parsley, salt, and pepper.
  • For the Rösti:
    • Potatoes
    • Garlic
    • Salt
  • Toppings:
    • Arugula
    • Eggs
    • Good Melting Cheese


  • Prep your Rösti per our Rösti Recipe…you’ll want to boil the potatoes a day in advance for best results, but you can do a quick parboil on the same day as cooking if that fits better with your day.
  • Prep your burger patties by adding your seasonings to the ground meat and then forming into patties. Then, set aside (or pre-cook and set aside if you’re planning to use the same pan to cook your burgers as your rösti).
  • Slice your garlic thinly, melt some butter in a large heavy bottomed pan, and add your garlic to caramelize.
  • Once your garlic has caramelized, add your shredded potatoes to the pan, and sautee for a while. Add more butter as needed.
  • While your potatoes and garlic are cooking, pan fry your burger patties for about 5 minutes on each side.
  • Also, sautee your arugula until it is wilted.
  • Once your potatoes begin to stick to each other, form them into large patties, and add a little more butter to that pan. Then, place your arugula and burger patties on top of each rösti patty.
  • While your rösti, burgers, and arugula are all getting to know each other, fry your egg(s) sunny side up (runny yolk is going to reward you with some great flavours when you cut into your dinner later).
  • When the eggs are ready, place them on your burgers, and then top everything with your cheese.
  • Cover, and cook until the cheese has melted. At this point, the bottom of your rösti should have a nice crunch to it, and everything should be hot.
  • Carefully, plate, devour, and enjoy!

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