Swiss Shepherd’s Pie

It feels like we just began posting recipes yesterday, so it came as a bit of a surprise to to see that today’s recipe is our 200th post! So, for this milestone post, it seemed fitting to make a meal that Mom perfected while I was growing up. Hence Shepherd’s pie, the incredible amalgamation of ground meat, veggies, and gravy topped with a layer of mashed potatoes and baked to perfection. Growing up, we didn’t distinguish between Shepherd’s Pie (traditionally made with lamb) and Cottage Pie (traditionally made with beef)…we just called everything Shepherd’s pie…so I’m sticking with it (apologies to any purists out there).

This particular version is a little different from a traditional Shepherd’s/Cottage Pie because we’re going full European Fusion with it and inviting some Swiss culinary tradition to the table. To do that, we are swapping out the Worcestershire Sauce for Cenovis Liquid Seasoning to make the gravy, ditching the mashed potatoes in favor of Rösti, and melting some Raclette atop the pie to finish it off.

Time: 40 Minutes (but, for best results, start the Rösti process the day before)


  • Russet Potato
  • Ground Meat of your choice. We are using venison, but Lamb/Mutton, Beef, Pork, or even Turkey/Chicken would work well too.
  • Good Swiss Melting Cheese. We are using Raclette because it is the king of the melting cheeses, but Gruyere, Appenzeller, or Emmentaler would work too.
  • Veggies to cook with the meat. We are using peas, onions, and mushrooms. Corn, celery, shredded cabbage, carrots, and/or riced cauliflower would also be good in this dish.
  • Cenovis Liquid Seasoning or Worcestershire Sauce
  • A little corn starch and water (to make the “gravy” so the meat mixture isn’t dry)


  • Assuming all of your Rösti prework (peeling, boiling, letting sit, and shredding) is done, preheat your oven to 350 degrees F.
  • In the same cast iron pan that you plan to use for your shepherd’s pie (this will ensure that your potato topping is the perfect size for your Shepherd’s/Cottage pie), make your Rösti. When it’s crispy and golden brown on both sides, remove the Rösti from your pans, and set aside.
  • Dice your onions, and add them to your (now empty) pans with a little oil, and let cook for a few minutes until they begin to caramelize.
  • Add your meat of choice, and cook until it’s nearly cooked through.
  • Add your mushroom, and carefully stir in (space may be at a premium in the pan at this point, so be careful to not launch ingredients over the side!).
  • When the mushroom is incorporated, add your peas, and do the same thing. Add a little Cenovis Liquid Seasoning or Worcestershire here as well.
  • In a small container, stir some corn starch with some warm water, and pour it into your pan.
  • With your spatula, push everything down to pack it as tightly as you can.
  • Carefully, slide your Rösti back on top of your meat and veggie mixture.
  • Put a slice of your desired melting cheese and any last seasonings you wish atop your Rösti, and stash everything in the oven for 5-10 minutes to heat and to melt the cheese.
  • Plate, devour, and enjoy!


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