Margarita Pizza

You undoubtedly noticed from the picture that this pizza is not to be confused with “Margherita” Pizza! In fact, the similarities end pretty much as soon as you look past the crust. Unlike a classic Margherita pizza, which is comprised of tomato sauce, basil, and fresh mozzarella (with other variations to topping additions), this pizza goes full on Mexican fusion.

The sauce is a creamy avocado/lime/tequila concoction that mellows and blends perfectly in the oven. For your toppings, you can select from a range of proteins like shrimp, pulled pork, steak, chicken, chorizo, or even black beans…and the vegetable choices are endless. When you get to the cheese, we suggest a Mexican cheese with some saltiness. We used Cotijo because of how well it crumbles and how it browns in the oven, but queso fresco would be a great fit as well.

Time: 35 Minutes


  • Pizza Crust or Dough (Try one of our Homemade Pizza Crust Recipes!)
  • Protein of your Choice. We used Shrimp, but black beans or crumbled chorizo would work really well to if you wanted to go a different direction.
  • Corn
  • Red Pepper
  • Jalapeno
  • Cheese. We used Cotija (nice salty crumbly Mexican cheese). Queso Fresco or Monterray Jack would work too.
  • For the Sauce:
    • 1 Avocado
    • 1 Shot of Tequila
    • 1 Lime
    • Optional: Cilantro


  • Put your pizza stone in the oven, and preheat to 415 degrees F.
  • Prep your Sauce:
    • Cut, depit, and peel your avocado, and put it into your blender/Ninja/food processor.
    • Juice a lime, and pour the juice over your avocado
    • Pour a shot of tequila in, and add any cilantro you plan to use.
    • Puree, and set aside.
  • Dice your red pepper, slice your jalapeno (wear a glove for this to avoid unwanted capsaicin residue), and cut your corn off the cob (or defrost some). Then, heat some olive oil in a pan, and add your veggies. Sautee to caramelize and soften.
  • As your veggies cook, turn your attention to your protein. Either peel and devein your shrimp, dice your meat (the smaller, the better), uncase your chorizo, or open a can of beans. Add your protein to the pan to start cooking it.
  • Once your protein is mostly cooked, pull your pizza stone out of the oven, place your crust (or dough) on it.
  • Spread your margarita sauce atop your crust, and then add your toppings. Lastly, top everything with your cheese of choice.
  • Bake for about 15-25 minutes or until your crust is crisp to your liking.
  • Plate, devour, and enjoy!

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