Mexican Stir Fry

We wanted to make a stir fry that was very different than any of our prior stir fry recipes. We happened to have a leftover poblano pepper from our Chili con Corne, so we decided to go with a Mexican/Asian fusion concept. We used tofu as our main protein, but this dish would work with beef, pork, or chicken as well (ground or sliced). I will say, it felt odd to sprinkle cheese atop a stir-fry…but with this particular one, it worked pretty well!

We served our stir fry over arroz rice, but we think it would also go well over a bed of refried rice if you prefer.

Time: 20 Minutes


  • Protein of your Choice. We used Tofu, but this would work well with beans, beef, pork, or chicken as well.
  • Poblano Pepper
  • Bell Pepper. We used yellow since that’s what we had on hand.
  • Onion
  • Salsa
  • Your favourite cheese for tacos. We used Colby Jack.


  • Slice your peppers and onions.
  • Heat up some oil in a wok, and add your peppers and onions.
  • As your peppers and onions cook, pull your tofu out of its packaging, and wrap it in paper towels to remove excess water.
  • Then, unwrap your tofu, slice it, and add it to your wok.
  • Stir fry everything until your tofu begins to turn a golden brown, and your peppers and onions soften.
  • Add in your salsa, and stir to combine. Cook until everything is hot, and all of your ingredients are coated in salsa.
  • Scoop out over your bed of rice or refried beans. Spread some cheese atop, and melt in the microwave.
  • Devour, and enjoy!

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