BBQ Jackfruit and Okra Tacos

It had been entirely too long since we last made Tacos, so when we saw a pack of street taco tortillas beckoning at the grocery store the other day, we knew it was time to fix that. We also had some leftover Okra from our Chicken Gumbo Pie adventure…and knowing how okra goes well with BBQ, we figured we’d make some BBQ Jackfruit as our primary taco topping to create a nice vegetarian taco platter.

With our primary toppings set, we turned our attention to a textural complement, and we found that in coleslaw! In all, these tacos were a crowd pleaser, and my family requested that I make them again in the near future!

Time: 20 Minutes (+ Time to make Coleslaw and Break Down your Jackfruit)



  • Slice your okra and jackfruit, and peel and slice your onion and garlic.
  • Heat a little oil in either one or two pans (depending on whether you want to just cook it all together or keep it separate).
  • Cook your onion, okra, and garlic at the same time (together or with the onion in one pan, and the okra and garlic in the other).
  • When your onion turns opaque, add in your jackfruit, and pour in some BBQ sauce. Sauté until everything is cooked.
  • As your veggies cook, arrange your tortillas on your plate(s), and add a scoop or two of coleslaw on them.
  • When your jackfruit and okra component(s) are ready, scoop them atop your tacos.
  • Devour, and enjoy!

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