Ramp Whipped Ricotta

We have become somewhat obsessed with the flavour and texture of Whipped Ricotta and have thus been incorporating it into our meals with increasing frequency. This weekend, we threw a party to celebrate my wife’s successful dissertation defense (I’m married to a doctor!), and we knew that a whipped ricotta hors d’oeuvre would be a big hit. We also know that we are in the midst of Ramp Season and that most of our friends like ramps.

So, we of course found the glorious intersection of the two, and we pureed some ramps and whipped them into our ricotta to give a nice garlicky flavour (and a somewhat bizarre colour). As we’d hoped, the combination of these two ingredients worked really well, and this unique dish was a hit at the party.

We served our ricotta with a combination of sourdough and roasted garlic crostini.

Time: 15 Minutes


  • A big handful of Ramps
  • 16 oz of Whole Milk Ricotta
  • 1 Tablespoon of Milk
  • A sprinkle of Kosher Salt


  • Heat a little butter in a pan, and add your ramps. Sauté until your ramps blow up like little balloons (you’ll see) and then collapse and turn a deep green.
  • Transfer your ramps to your blender, and add your milk too…then puree.
  • Scoop your Ricotta into the bowl of your stand mixer. Then, sprinkle in a bit of kosher salt, and pour in your ramp puree.
  • Use your whisk attachment to whip everything together. Start at a low speed, and as your ingredients become one, turn the speed up until your ricotta becomes fluffy.
  • Plate, devour, and enjoy!

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