Caviar Pita Crostini

I must have been a good boy this year because Santa put Black Lumpfish Caviar in my stocking! Having never had caviar before, I was excited and intrigued…so I took a quick taste, and noticed a distinct fishy saltiness. With that in mind, I decided to combine it with flavours that had a bit of earthy sweetness to them to balance and complement the oceanic profile of the caviar. In all, it worked really well and turned int quite a nice light lunch. Additionally, the toasted pita and cucumber gave each bite two different types of crunch, which was a nice texture touch. I definitely plan to make this again!

Time: 15 Minutes


  • Pita
  • Cucumber (We used a baby cucumber)
  • Whipped Cream Cheese
  • Black Lumpfish Caviar


  • Preheat your oven to 350 degrees F.
  • Rip your pita into pieces the size that you want for your crostini. Then, place those on a baking sheet, and stash in the oven to toast and crisp up.
  • Wash and slice your cucumber into an equal number of pieces as you have pita. Since we were using baby cucumbers, we cut them on a bias instead of in rounds.
  • When your pita is toasted, remove from the oven, arrange on your plate, and top each with a cucumber slice.
  • Smear a little cream cheese atop each cucumber slice.
  • Use a spoon to arrange some caviar on each bit of cream cheese.
  • Devour, and Enjoy!

One comment

  1. I love caviar, even though I can’t afford the original stuff. But I would try to pair it with a food that doesn’t stifle it’s effect. Cream cheese is one of those foods that envelopes the taste and strangles it. Can you tell I don’t like cream cheese? Try some salmon roe on a fresh or smoked trout, for example, or use some shad roe on a piece of cod or top a homemade crab cocktail with some roe – all that is good. The only instance where roe is good with a milk product is celebrated by our Russian counterparts: they invented Blinis, which are buckwheat tiny pancakes served with a dollop of sour cream and a healthy serving of caviar. Magnificent!

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