Venison Stuffed Swiss Chard

This one is a bit of a Swiss twist on Dolmas (Mediterranean stuffed grape leaves), but it’s great as a main course since these stuffed leaves are larger than their cousins. The beauty of these are that the filling can be designed completely to your tastes, and any leftovers are great finger food for the next day.

In this version, I decided to go heavy on vegetables for the filling, using a mix of onion, red pepper, and mushroom to supplement the ground venison…but you could always add in a carb like rice/quinoa or swap out any veggies as you see fit.

This meal goes very well with a classic Swiss Rosti (think hash browns, but way better)!

Time: 45 Minutes


  • Ground Venison (or beef/pork if venison isn’t available)
  • Swiss Chard Leaves
  • Red Pepper
  • 1 Onion
  • Mushrooms
  • Cottage Cheese


  • The wraps:
    • Begin by boiling water in a large pot
    • Cut the stems off the Swiss Chard
    • Blanch the leaves (boil briefly until they start to wilt and then remove and put over ice). The ice isn’t necessary, but it prevents the leaves from overcooking and becoming a little difficult to work with later.
  • The filling:
    • While the water is heating, dice your veggies, and heat another pan to be used for the filling
    • Melt some butter in the filling pan, and throw your onions in for a few minutes…then add the venison, and stir to break it up and get it to start browning
    • Mix in the peppers and mushrooms
    • When the meat is fully cooked, add some cottage cheese to give your filling a nice creaminess
  • Combining
    • Lay the wilted leaves out on your clean counter
    • Add a layer of filling to each
    • Wrap away from you for one turn, then fold in the sides, and finish rolling (this may be poorly described, so see pictures below if that makes no sense whatsoever)
  • Cooking
    • Roast for 10 minutes or so in a 350 degree F oven
    • OR cover with red sauce and bake for 15 minutes in a 350 degree F oven
  • Remove from oven, plate, and enjoy!

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