Swiss Zucchini Gratin

Sometimes, I want a nice hearty gratin, but I don’t want to eat all that potato. This one is a perfect substitute, and it goes very well with steak any breaded and pan fried meats. In this case, I cooked it to accompany a chicken schnitzel dish. It’s easy, and it’s also very customizable to suit your cheese preferences.

Time: 1:10 (10 Minutes Prep, 60 Minutes hands off cook time)


  • Zucchini (I used 2 for this, but it was our only side dish)
  • Butter and Flour (equal parts for a roux)
  • Milk
  • Cheese! I used Raclette because it is amazing, and it’s the best melty Swiss cheese I know. However, Gruyere, Appenzeller, or Emmentaler would also work very well (as would cheddar, I begrudgingly admit…but then, it would just be “zucchini gratin”)…either grated or sliced very thing
  • Any seasonings you want on top. I am using a Raclette seasoning mix, but use whatever seems good with your cheese…Black pepper is almost always a winner.


  • Preheat oven to 400 degrees F
  • Grease a baking dish
  • Slice zucchini into desired thickness…I find 1/2 inch to work well, but more or less will change cooking time, so take that into consideration
  • Layer half of the zucchini in the dish
  • Make a quick roux
    • Melt butter in a pan and add equal part flour and whisk to combine.
    • After it comes together and starts to bubble a little, add milk and whisk until it thickens just a bit.
  • Pour roux over the first layer of zucchini slices
  • Place the rest of the zucchini on top
  • Put cheese and any desired seasonings on top.
  • Cover with foil, and bake for about an hour
  • Eat and enjoy.
Bubbling flour and butter before adding the milk
Completed roux to pour over the bottom layer of zucchini

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