Buffalo Grouper Sandwich

My original plan was to make this for dinner during the Bills/Bucs game last weekend…but during the first half, I lost my appetite completely and decided to make this for lunch the next day instead. I am glad we waited because it allowed us to fully enjoy the deliciousness that ensued, and there was no bitter aftertaste of defeat.

By breading and air frying our grouper, we ended up with a nice and crispy piece of fish that worked perfectly from a texture standpoint with the brioche bun and the Blue Cheese Coleslaw that we used as our topping. We hope you enjoy this one next time you’re looking for a deluxe lunch or you find yourself in the mood for some spicy fish!

Time: 25 Minutes


  • Grouper Fillet (about 3-4 ounces/sandwich)
  • All Purpose Flour
  • Bread Crumbs
  • Egg
  • Buffalo Sauce
  • Sandwich Bun
  • Toppings of your Choice:


  • Prep your breading coating bowls by putting some all purpose flour into one, beating an egg in the second, and adding some panko (or regular) bread crumbs into the third.
  • Cut your grouper fillet into 3-4 ounce pieces, and remove any bones that you may happen to find.
  • Working one piece at a time, coat with flour. Then, move to your egg bowl, and cover with egg. Once fully egg coated, toss your fish in your bread crumbs to fully encapsulate. Then, move your fish to the basket of your air fryer (or a foil coated baking dish if baking).
  • When all your fish is coated, give each fillet a little spray of oil, and heat your air fryer to 400 degrees F (or your conventional oven to 425 degrees F). I suppose, you can also fry in oil if you prefer.
  • Place your fish into your desired cooking appliance, and cook. Air fryer will take about 7-8 minutes per side, conventional oven about 10 minutes per side, and regular frying about 4 minutes per side. After your first side is cooked, flip your fillets, and cook the other side.
  • As your fish cooks, prep your desired toppings and bun.
  • When your fish reaches a minimum internal cooked temperature of 145 degrees F, you’re good to go. By this point, you should have a nice crispy crusting as well.
  • Place your fish on your bun, add your toppings, devour, and enjoy!

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