Scallop Scampi

Today marks my wife’s and my second anniversary! For me, the time has absolutely flown, and I’m excited for all the years and memories that we will make together in the future. She puts up with my quirks, always knows how to lift me out of a funk, (sometimes) knows better than me what I should do (that’s how this website came into existence), and I am so incredibly lucky to have her in my life. She even let me buy a goose and told me I’m allowed to cook rabbit again (if that’s not love, what is?).

So, to celebrate, I grabbed some sea scallops from the market today, and we’re making our take on scampi! Tonight, we’re serving it with angel hair pasta and Roasted Asparagus with a little fresh Parmesan cheese melted on at the end. I hope you enjoy!

Time: 15 Minutes


  • Scallops (6 oz…about 5 scallops…is a good size serving)
  • For the Sauce:
    • Garlic (either diced, put through a garlic press, or grated microplane style)
    • Equal parts butter and olive oil (I’m using 1 tbsp of each)
    • Lemon
    • White Wine (about 1/2 cup if just making the scallops and 1 cup if tossing pasta in your sauce)
    • A little basil if you wish


  • Heat a heavy bottomed (cast iron is best here) pan, and while it heats, pat dry your scallops with a paper towel.
  • When your pan is hot, pour in a little oil or melt some butter.
  • When the oil/butter are hot, add your scallops. Cook for about 3 minutes on one side (should be a nice golden brown when you flip).
  • Then flip, and let them go for another 2 or so minutes and remove from the pan and set aside
  • To start building your sauce, add your butter and oil. Then, add your garlic, and sautee to let it start to caramelize.
  • Pour in your wine, and squirt in a little lemon (about a quarter lemon’s worth of juice is good). This will reduce down pretty quickly. After it reduces to about half, either:
    • (If using pasta) Toss your pasta in the sauce, plate, and add the scallops back in for a few more seconds to absorb the last of the sauce or
    • Add your scallops back in to finish off in the sauce
  • Plate, Devour, and Enjoy!


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