How to Roast Peppers at Home

We just returned from a trip to New Mexico! While down there, we had a blast. We hiked mountains (including a volcano and some foothills with manganese mines), tromped around in gypsum dunes at White Sands, visited the Rattlesnake Museum, saw petroglyphs, experienced cliff dwellings and other ruins, and I even turned a year older!

Culinarily though, the highlight of the trip (mega chocolate birthday cake made by my sous chef and his friend…with some guidance from my Ant [sic] notwithstanding) was the roasted Hatch Chiles. I had heard about them before, and I found myself intrigued…so when I saw it on the menu in Madrid, NM, it was a no-brainer! We ordered two appetizer plates of Roasted Hatch Chiles, and I selected a Wagyu burger topped with another Hatch Chile as my entree. As an added bonus, when our server carded us for our beer, she saw that she grew up in the same town where we now live, so we chatted about it…and I’m pretty sure that’s why an extra roasted pepper made it onto my burger plate on the side as well. Hooray for Small World Wins!

Anyway, we love cooking with roasted peppers (especially Roasted Red Peppers), so we thought it was a good time to post a tutorial on the best way we’ve found to roast them. In the picture below, we roasted poblanos and jalapeños to use in our Cornmeal Crusted Roasted Poblano with Jalapeño Aioli recipe!

Time: 15 Minutes to Roast, Additional time to peel based on number of peppers


  • Peppers! Some of our favorites to roast are:
    • Poblanos
    • Jalapeños
    • Red Bell Peppers
    • Anaheim Peppers
    • Hatch Chiles


  • Heat your grill to medium low.
  • Rinse and dry your peppers.
  • Arrange your peppers on the grill, and let them cook until the skin begins to blister on the bottom.
  • Flip, and continue to cook like this until all of the skin is brown and blistered.
  • Remove from your grill, and allow to cool slightly.
  • Peel the skin layer off and discard so that you’re left with your roasted peppers!
  • Use in your favourite roasted pepper dish.


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