Sheet Pan Chicken and Veggies

The other day, we wanted an easy meal with little cleanup…but it was raining, so the grill wasn’t in the cards. So, we decided to make dinner in a sheet pan instead! In theory, the foil lining the sheet pan would make it so there’d be basically nothing to clean up from a pots and pans perspective. Of course, I say “in theory,” because the pan I used was bigger than the foil, so I had to layer some foil, and the juices got under…so the pan got pretty dirty in the end. But, that’s easily fixable with a smaller pan or a bigger roll of foil! You’ve been warned.

On to the food itself! We decided to build our pan symmetrically so that we could season our chicken and veggies in two distinct ways! The first was with a little salt and cured Sumac that my ant (again, not a typo) gave us for Christmas. The other half was salt and pepper. Both worked out really well, and I think they highlighted how customizable this dish meal really is. You can pick whatever veggies you like, and you can season them as you see fit. Heck, you can even switch out proteins if you like (although you’d have to change what you call the meal). Whatever you do, the real key is to make sure you cut your ingredients to the proper size so that they all finish cooking at the same time.

Time: 50 Minutes


  • Chicken Breast
  • Potatoes (We used small red, yellow, and purple potatoes)
  • Any roastable veggies you like. A few suggestions:
    • Asparagus
    • Beets
    • Brussels Sprouts
    • Carrots
    • Cauliflower Florets
    • Endives
    • Whole Mushrooms
  • Seasonings. We made half of ours with Cured Sumac and half with salt and pepper


  • Preheat your oven to 350 degrees F, line a baking pan with foil, and give it a quick oil spray.
  • Cut all of your veggies to the appropriate size so that they take about 40 minutes to cook at 350 degrees.
    • Asparagus – Just remove the woody end
    • Beets – Cut into 3/4 inch cubes
    • Brussels Sprouts…Cut the ends off if small…if larger, cut the ends off, and slice in half
    • Carrots – Cut into 1.5 inch cross sections
    • Cauliflower – Cut into florets
    • Endives – Cut in half, and put flat side facing downward.
    • Whole mushrooms – leave whole 🙂
  • Cut your chicken breasts in half so each turns into two thinner pieces.
  • Arrange your chicken on your pan, and then fill in the empty space with your vegetables.
  • Season as you see fit, and give the tops of all your ingredients another quick oil spray.
  • Stash in the oven, and cook until your chicken reaches an internal cooked temperature of at least 165 degrees F (about 40 minutes), and your veggies reach your desired softeness.
  • Remove from the oven.
  • Plate, devour, and enjoy!

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