Roasted Tomato Saffron Rice

Since we planned to highlight Manzanilla Olives as the focal point of our dinner the other night, we wanted to build a side with some good Spanish inspired flavours. We had some Arroz rice on hand along with a can of roasted tomatoes, so we figured we’d make a version of Spanish Rice. However, unlike traditional Spanish Rice, we skipped the onion so we could really highlight the Saffron flavours!

We served this as a side for Cheesy Manzanilla Olive Chicken Breast, but it would also go well with roasted thighs, braised rabbit, or a host of seafood entrees like calamari, Butterflied Lobster Tail, Devils on (Sea)horseback (Bacon Wrapped Sardines), or Pan-Fried Trout Fillets.

Time: 20 Minutes (plus time to prep the cooking water)


  • Long grain white rice. We used Arroz.
  • Water (in a 4 parts water to 1 part rice ratio)
  • Saffron Stems (amount will vary based on how much rice you’re making). If you don’t have saffron, you can “hack” this dish by using some ground turmeric and paprika…but if you do have saffron, use it!
  • Roasted tomatoes (either use canned diced roasted tomatoes or if you have time, roast and dice your own fresh tomatoes)
  • Optional: Corn (off the cob)


  • Combine your saffron with hot water in the amount you need to cook your rice. Let sit until the saffron colours your water a deep yellow hue.
  • Combine your rice and water in a pot, and boil until all of the water is absorbed/evaporated.
  • Add your diced roasted tomatoes (and corn if using), and stir to combine.
  • Plate, devour, and enjoy!

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