Bacon and Brussels Sprouts

This side dish is a relative newcomer to our Thanksgiving table, but I have a feeling it will be making some future appearances. My sister made a concerted effort to bring more chlorophyll to this year’s spread, and so Brussels Sprouts found themselves on the menu. This was not the only excellent green dish she made, so stay tuned!

We’ve had a lot of fun with Brussels Sprouts Recipes in the past, but we’ve never introduced bacon as a primary component, so this one was very different. The saltiness of the bacon (and the bacon grease) added a dimension to this side dish that made it transcendent. If you like Brussels Sprouts, want an awesome side dish that pairs very well with roasted meats, and are not on a diet, you’ll want to try this one. Heck, you can even mix this with egg noodles to make a funky Haluski!

Time: 45 Minutes


  • Brussels Sprouts
  • Bacon
  • Optional: Black Pepper


  • Begin by cutting your bacon into strips with kitchen sheers (you can also use a sharp knife, but the sheers are easier). *To make this a little healthier, you can also cut off some of the fat on the bacon before doing this
  • Add your bacon to a large pan, and start to heat it.
  • As the bacon begins to cook and render, turn your attention to your sprouts. Rinse your Brussels sprouts, cut the ends off. Then, stand them upright where the end used to be, and cut each into quarters. (We suggest using a different cutting board from a cross-contamination standpoint.)
  • Add your Brussels Sprouts to the bacon pan, and sautee, stirring occasionally until your Brussels Sprouts soften and begin to brown.
  • If using, add and stir in your black pepper towards the end.
  • Plate, devour, and enjoy!


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