Coconut Cauliflower Rice

Riced Cauliflower has become quite the trend lately, and we love it because of its versatility and its nutrition. Recently, we’ve used Riced Cauliflower to make low carb and calorie friendly versions of Fried Rice, Biryani, and Paella…but that’s only scratching the surface.

While the cauliflower played a starring role in the aforementioned meals, in this post, we’re using it more as a side dish, as it was perfect support for Flax Crusted Sea Scallops. However, we would imagine this going very well with a Thai or even Indian style Curry…or a blackened and broiled fish fillet.

Time: 20 Minutes


  • Cauliflower (We used half of a head for 2 servings)
  • Coconut Milk (We used half a can of the low fat variety)
  • Onions.  We went with Green onions for colour.


  • Cut your veggies:
    • Cauliflower: cut into florets and rice it with the shredding plate of your food processor or a box grater.
    • Onion: Dice
  • Heat some oil or butter in a large pan, and when it’s hot, add your cauliflower and onions.
  • When your cauliflower and onions just start to brown, add a little water (we used about a half cup) to let them start to steam.
  • When the water has mostly evaporated, turn the heat to medium-low, and add your coconut milk. Stir everything to combine.
  • Stirring occasionally, wait until the coconut milk condenses, and the liquid evaporates.
  • Plate, devour, and enjoy!

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