Cracked Black Peppercorn Grouper

After last night’s Garlic and Sun-Dried Tomato Black Grouper, we still had two five ounce pieces of black grouper fillet in the fridge to cook. I normally don’t cook the same protein two nights in a row, but, as Ron Burgundy once said, “When in Rome…” So, I am gung-ho about using it again! Tonight’s version is a little different in the flavour profile and the cooking method to experience the delicious versatility of the fish! Just like last night though, if you haven’t got grouper in your fridge, you can substitute cod, tilapia, mahi, halibut, or even swordfish steak for it…the cooking times may vary a bit, and so will the textures…but the flavor will most likely delight!

We served this with a sautéed veggie medley comprised of sliced broccoli stalks, mushrooms, onion, and sun-dried tomatoes, but there a lot of great side dish options to go with! Try pairing this with Lemon Pepper Mashed Potatoes, grilled or Roasted Asparagus, and/or Shaved Brussels Sprouts!

Time: 15-20 Minutes


  • Grouper fillets (or other similar fish)…5 ounces makes a decent serving
  • Sea Salt
  • Peppercorns (in a grinder is easiest, but you can always crack them in a spice grinder or mortar and pestle)
  • For a good quick optional topping:
    • Butter
    • Diced Garlic
    • Lemon juice (fresh is best but not necessary)


  • Season your grouper fillets on both sides with a little sea salt and cracked black peppercorns (patting it into the meat before flipping helps it adhere)
  • Heat some butter or oil in a pan
  • Place your fillets in the hot pan, and let them cook for about 3-4 minutes, flip, and do it again on the other side.
  • When your fish reaches an internal temperature of at least 145 degrees F (could vary by other fish types…consult Google for safe temperature information), it’s done! Remove, and turn your attention to garlic butter topping if making (takes very little time):
    • Turn off the heat
    • Melt some more butter in the pan, and add the diced garlic.
    • Let it cook for just a few minutes until the butter melts and starts to bubble.
    • Spritz in a squeeze of fresh lemon (or lemon juice)
  • Plate, Devour, and Enjoy!

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