Lemon Pepper Mashed Potatoes

The other day, I was looking for a side dish to make for Rosemary Sangiovese Braised Duck Legs, and I had my heart set on mashed potatoes. However, I wanted to build in flavours that would accentuate the rich flavours of the goose and would complement the fruity acidity of the Sangiovese sauce. Thus, the flavour combination for this side dish was borne of the question, “Why not try it?” Basic mashed potatoes with the addition of some freshly cracked black pepper and zested lemon. I’m half proud and half relieved to report that it worked! The lemon gave the potatoes a nice bit of springiness and zest that would also go well with bbq pork or chicken or even a pepper crusted steak! Go out on a limb, and give this one a whirl!

Time: 25-30 minutes


  • Potatoes. I am using golden potatoes because they have a nice light skin. If you’re using Russet, you may want to consider peeling them.
  • Lemon
  • Butter
  • Milk/Half and Half/Cream (according to your preferences)
  • Black Pepper


  • Cut your potatoes, and submerge them in a pot with water.
  • Boil the potatoes until they are easily “stabbable” with a fork.
  • Drain the potatoes, and put them back in the pot.
  • Add a little butter and milk…and mash (adding more butter or milk as necessary to achieve your desired texture)
  • Zest in some lemon, and crack some fresh peppercorns, and mix them in.
  • Plate, devour, and enjoy!


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