Tangy Carrot Salad

The inspiration for this salad came from a very unlikely place. We were en route to New Mexico, and we had a layover in Austin, TX. Based on the time we landed (and the time of our next flight), we needed a quick lunch. So, we stopped at a little airport restaurant, and one of the to-go options was a medley of salads. There was a kale Caesar, a few bean salads, a pasta salad, and a carrot salad. Not knowing what to expect from the carrot salad, I selected it. The moment I took my first bite, I knew my wife wouldn’t like it (too mustardy/vinegary), but I thought my sous chef might. I gave him a bite, and sure enough, he did…so I decided to try making it on a day when it was just the two of us for dinner.

We served our carrots over a bed of fresh baby spinach alongside Fish n’ Chips Reimagined, and the pairing worked nicely. This would also pair well as a side for a Bavarian Chicken Burger or for a BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich!

Time: 10 Minutes


  • Shredded Carrots
  • Mayonnaise
  • Whole Grain Dijon Mustard
  • Mustard Powder
  • Optional for extra tang: A little vinegar


  • Add your shredded carrots in a bowl.
  • Scoop in your mayonnaise and whole grain mustard, and sprinkle some mustard powder in as well. Use more mayonnaise for a creamier consistency and less for more tang.
  • Fold to fully combine and coat your carrots.
  • Plate, devour, and enjoy!

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