Mashed Celery Root

Like Turnip and Cauliflower, Celery Root is a great replacement for mashed potatoes from a calories/carbs standpoint. It is also perhaps my favourite substitute for a few reasons:

  • It’s got the most complex flavour. It gives off such a perfect blend of sweetness and savoriness through the cooked celery notes that develop perfectly as it cooks. As a result, I rarely add any seasonings or feel the need to bring other flavours to the party.
  • It is the starchiest of the three, so it makes a creamier mash since it can absorb more milk, and it doesn’t get runny on the plate if you use just a little too much milk.
  • It smells SO good when it boils!

It is the most daunting looking of the three potato substitutes I use most often, the mangled gnarly ball that it is…but don’t be scared. It’s really got a gentle heart and should definitely make its way to your plate!

When foraging at your grocery store for Celery Root, make sure you find one that is nice and firm and doesn’t have dark brown spots or anything like that…the fresher, the better!

For this meal, I opted to pair it with Rosemary Cabernet Glazed Roasted Duck Breast because the flavours complement each other so well. But try mashed celery root with grilled or roasted turkey (a personal favourite because of my affinity for Thanksgiving), chicken, pork, and even beef. Or use it to make croquettes or gnocchi (more on those to come in future posts).

Time: 20 Minutes


  • 1 Celery Root Ball (makes about 3 servings worth)
  • Butter (A tablespoon should do the trick)
  • Milk


  • Cut the top and bottom ends off the celery root, and put the top facing down on your cutting board.
  • Cut straight down to cut the root in half, and then rotate it 90 degrees (top still facing down) and cut in half again, so you’ve got 4 wedges.
  • Using a potato peeler, peel the skin (it’s funky, but it works).
  • Cut the wedges into smaller pieces, and boil until soft
  • Drain and move to a food processor (if not using a food processor, no worries…just keep them in the same pot, and “mash” when I say “puree” below)
  • Add your butter and some milk to the celery root
  • Puree, adding milk as needed to get to desired creaminess
  • Transfer back to a pot or sauce pan and heat when your meal is almost ready.
  • Plate, Devour, and Enjoy!