Chicken Marfalla

This recipe is a blending of two concepts…Chicken Marsala and Savory Pumpkin. Yes, it may be a little “avant gourd,” but there’s nothing wrong with

Pizza Whipped Ricotta

Ever since our first experience with Whipped Ricotta at a local restaurant at a friend’s suggestion, we have been obsessed with the concept. The method

Black Truffle Gnocchi Bowl

While doing some Christmas Shopping, we stumbled upon a great price on some Black Truffle Gnocchi in an unlikely store (one aisle over from pajama

Garlic Sherry Crab Risotto

We have found through the years that Sherry and Seafood go really well together (especially if you add a little garlic or shallot). We’ve relied

Chicken (of the Woods) Alfredo

Time for another Chicken of the Woods recipe! We found this gloriously versatile orange funky wild mushroom while hiking in the Catskills and started by

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