Broccoli and Bacon Cakes with Creamy Truffled Cheddar Sauce

My wife recently came home from the grocery store and handed me broccolini, turkey bacon, and truffled cheddar cheese balls. Then, she challenged me to

Kimchi Broccoli and Mushrooms

Last week, I bought a jar of Kimchi and made the decision to feature it prominently in every component of that night’s dinner. We decided

General Tso Shrimp (of the Woods)

We found another haul of Shrimp of the Woods on a beautiful ridge hike in Eastern Pennsylvania (Pinnacle and Pulpit), and we brought about 3.5

“Chicken” and Broccoli in Garlic Sauce

The other day, we found a White Chicken (Laetiporus Cincinnatus) on a hike, and we had to bring it home with us! Given that this

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