Roast Pork Shoulder with Homemade Gravy

Last week, we had a bunch of family over for dinner before my sous chef’s orchestra concert, and we needed a meal that could feed

Slow Cooker Turkey Breast

We are swimming in discount turkey still from our post-Thanksgiving $.39/lb whole turkey purchasing spree…which turns out to be an even better buy given the

Spiced Apple and Cranberry Pulled Turkey

A few weeks ago, we used this same general concept (Slow Cooked Turkey Legs) to make Apple Cider Glazed Pulled Turkey. The apple flavour paired

Apple Cider Glazed Pulled Turkey

If you’re looking for a really fun entree based on classic autumn flavors, this is something to try! The pulled turkey itself would be great

Crockpot Turkey Legs

With our Crockpot Duck Confit working out really well and our glut of Turkey Meat from our post-Thanksgiving sale last year, we figured we’d give

Crockpot Duck Confit

When you Break Down a Duck, you get two duck legs, which is great…although it presents challenges when your household has more than two people!

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